Over the last few years I have been picking up a lot of useful information and experience and none so much as working for General Electric, working with a great management team that just get how development should be done and being able to go to some great conferences like Lean Agile Scotland. (SOTR is taken as read) I have been getting into a lot of different areas of late and so I want to share these with the world. They will always be my thoughts on the subjects and so they may be against what others preach / say / think but this is my blog and thus my thoughts. So as my tagline says Hold Tight Riders .

One topic that has been very dear to me over the last year or so has been Software Craftsmanship, many of the principles from this “movement” I’ve tried to adhere to for a lot over the last 4 years. It was a session at Lean Agile Scotland in 2012 from Sandro Mancuso that showed me the true light and gave me an over all heading for the things I’ve really tried to put into practice and preach as a developer. Since this presentation I’ve read a lot more material on the subject and attended a lot more sessions as well as given a session on it at CF CAMP. They have all had a real impact to my thought process as a developer and all for the better.

I had many light bulb moments, which has made coding fun again for me, having given the talk at CF Camp, a few people came to me asking for more in depth information on some of the topics I touched on.  I have decided to do a blog posting series on Software Craftsmanship from a CFML developer’s point of view.

I’ve also met some great people while working at GE and attending conferences out of my comfort zone were I was able to watch some very inspirational sessions. I’ll also start a series of blog posts about some of these from a Lean/Agile point of view, Agile development has been another passion for myself since early 2002, but has always been on the back burner as I was never able to use it at any of my former employers as I didn’t have much say in how things were ran (or I didn’t feel I did at least) Over the last 3 years I have had the chance to work in a very agile / lean team having become a certified “Scrum Master” and more recently a “Kanban Practitioner” over this journey I have learnt a lot and again this has made me a better developer / all round person and so I want to share these experiences with the world now.

As many people who know me, know my grammar and spelling aren’t the best and so I will try to write (as I have with this one) my postings outside of the blog engine and then reread them before I post them and not rush them. I’ll give them the respect and attention to detail (another topic) they deserve to make them worth reading.


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  1. I enjoyed reading this as I read it after reading one of your part four post. I enjoy the your thoughts so far. I had/have a website CFTipsPlus.com and after 4 plus years I got burn out teaching ColdFusion to beginners. I to like to think I am learning to become a better Software Craftsman. I never feel quite good enough. On my blog I used to get few people who would complain about a misused word or two in my English but I did not let this stop me. Do not stop continue to write your articles and you may have just inspired me to go back to blogging. We will see since I am currently working and working a side job. Even with my limited time frame I might go back to blogging.

    Thanks for your time and effort in trying to point people down the right path.

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