Over in the UK the media has been full of people claiming back the charges levied on them by their banks. So I thought seeing I have a spare hour (for a change) I’d give it ago, So I sat down with my on-line account and a spread sheet obtained from http://www.penaltycharges.co.uk.

O.K. so luckily for me I’m with HSBC who shows your last 6 years of statements on-line. So I go through them one at a time and inserting the date, Description in the statement and the amount in to the spread sheet. I get to 18 months worth and I have already hit 2k GBP so I’m now thinking I have to crack this, So I’ve now completed this and the total comes to 5,180.50 GBP

So I’ve then got the letter from the site, entered my details in and have now posted it Recorded Delivery to my bank, So in 14 days either I get a response saying no sod off take us to court or here’s the cash 🙂

So here’s hoping fingers crossed

OK I know my money mangement is crap and thus the reason so high 🙂


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  1. matt says:

    It depends what you situation is with the bank, my friend tried this and had a 7 grand overdraft, they wrote back to him saying, no refund and we are cancelling your overdraft, gulp.

  2. Big Mad Kev says:

    Well I’m prepared to go to court for this about, looking at my statements every time I’m over drawn its’s by the amount I got charged last month ;P

  3. Dan Wilson says:


    5,180.50 GBP in overdraft is a HUGE amount. It will be interesting to see if HSBC parts with the money. I imagine they will hem and haw because the amount is non-trivial.


  4. Big Mad Kev says:

    its not overdraft only charges, for example a direct debit they can’t don’t clear they charge me 30gbp but it only cost them 2.50GBP or end of each month i get a Charge? not a nreak down that my issue 🙂

  5. Andy J says:

    Hey Kev, I’m with HSBC as well. Been thinking about looking into this myself. Have you had any news back yet?

  6. Big Mad Kev says:

    I got a letter to say we are looking at your "complaint" but nothing since as my letter said 14 days and I gave them 21 I started procedure on http://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk and cost me £250. So That will be five days from Monday so that’s next Monday then 14 days from then and see if they put in a defence claim I suggest looking at: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/bank-charges

  7. Tony Perrin says:

    I just got over £1000 back from my bank. They try to scare you by cancelling overdrafts and I had a credit card and an overdraft cancelled by HSBC. They then ‘kindly’ offered to turn it into a loan at a huge rate of interest. So high that paying the max I could afford of £60 per month £45 went in interest. I successfuly claimed back all my charges against them and paid off the loan and closed the account. Banks are s**m. They prey on the poor and weak and stamp on you when you need their help the most. If you do have savings, put it in a high interest savings account rather than leave it in your banks savings account as the bank give you about 0.5% so you are lending them money VERY VERY cheaply and they charge you over 15-20% in some cases to borrow money.

  8. Tony Perrin says:

    It now seems a test case is being heard in the High Courts and until it is resolved the banks have a waiver so they dont have to respond to any more claims. It could be good news in the long run but we have to wait until this case is resolved until anyone else can claim.
    The situation seems to be changing so I have an update at:
    <a href="http://www.atozofhairloss.com/debtAdvice/bankCharges.html">Bank Charges Reclaimed</a>

  9. Tony Perrin says:

    I recently reclaimed over £1200 back from Abbey but now we are being made to wait to see the results of this ‘test case’ before I can tackle some of my other bank accounts and credit cards.
    I have found a very good source of debt information.
    <a href="http://www.atozofhairloss.com/waystosavemoney">Ways to save money</a>

    A very interesting read which has helped me to recover from serious debt in double quick time.
    Loads of great tips and the FREE money thing is very interesting and is working already.

  10. steve says:

    We arestill waiting for the decision from the High Court regarding reclaiming bank charges.
    In the mean time make I point out that credit card charges can be reclaimed in a slightly different way which is not reliant on the result of this decision.

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