I have great pleasure to announce that I will be speaking at Scotch on the Rocks this year, it’s in Edinburgh again from Thursday 6 until Friday 7 June 2013. All attendees of will also get access to the MuraCon EU the day before Wednesday 5 June 2013.

My session will be a slightly improved session from the one I gave at Lean Agile Scotland in September, on the Mikado Method. This is a method of beheading the beast that is legacy spaghetti code. It’s extremely simple process and is mainly common sense but until someone gives you structure for this thought process it doesn’t really click.

When I say slightly improved session, I will have a worked example that introduces some basic unit testing to show the true benefit of the Mikado Method and Unit testing and how they go hand in hand.

So what is this method briefly, it’s similar to the Red, Green and Refactor for unit testing. When you have a change to make to complex code, and every time you change one thing it breaks another 2 things and you are stuck in a loop. The Mikado Method gives you a process to get out of that loop, allow you to still deliver value to your customer as you make actual progress that people can see rather then coming back to your customer weeks / months later after some very late and stressful nights to make this change that you thought would be very simple in the first to implement.

It’s all very straight forward and is easier to show the principles in action then it is to write about them. Since I found the method, I have found it help me fix problems quicker and produce a better code base and increase my testing coverage.

If all goes well I’m hoping to try a new technique in my session, but that will have to stay secret until closer to the time 🙂


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