After years of trying to support my own blog using a ColdFusion solution I’ve decided to move over and use the biggest one out there WordPress. I thought about using the free hosting option but then decided that I did have a few reason to still have some web space for me to use. My blog was using Mango Blog, and hosted on HostMediaUK (Which have to be the least stable web host I have ever known) So I’ve decided to start from scratch but keep the old blog up and running in an almost similar URL format for any search engine results but totally flat HTML and no commenting 🙂 I found a very helpful utility from  Marcos Placona his MangoBlog to WordPress I ran this for the UKCFUG site which I’ve also moved and it worked a treat so I thought I’d do the same for my main blog now 🙂

I’m still a ColdFusion Developer and Adobe Community Professional, but just wanted to host my blog and thoughts on a platform that allows me to do what I need to do and not have to support it. My focus now also includes Agile and Lean practices and I’ll be covering more of this over the coming weeks.

I have had a few changes in my personal life and as such will spur me on more to do more community driven items. I’ve ordered myself a shiny new Mac Book Pro 13″ retina display (Total Opposite of my 2007 17″ Mac Book Pro) I’ll continue to travel down to London for Family, Friends and London Irish so from this time I hope to pull my thoughts together and get them up on this new shiny blog.


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  1. I love ColdFusion, … but you will be glad you made that move. WP is amazing!

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