If you’re like me and not quite one of the cool kids, and you’re staying with Eclipse as your Coding Editor there is a cool plugin I’ve used for a while called  Mail Snag
What it does it create a little SMTP Server in eclipse and you can point your application to use it as a mail server and then within Eclipse you’re able to see the emails and see them as HTML, Plain Text or both.
Handy if you want to test emails that may go public, and by using a local SMTP server you can ensure they don’t and you’re able to check that they are ok.


2 Responses to MailSnag for Eclipse

  1. I didn’t even think I needed this until you mentioned it. I just integrated it into my dev environment and I’m already seeing the benefits.

    Thank you!

  2. Kevin Kelley says:

    Hey thanks for the nod! I’m the developer behind mailsnag. I’ve been tinkering with it from time to time, but don’t hesitate to send me ideas how I can improve it!


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