Sometimes when you try to stop the ColdFusion Service windows service control times out and the jrun.exe / jrunsvc.exe don’t stop, and you have to kill them manually in task manager. This normally happens when you have Debugging setup and so you have JRun listening on an additional port it just never stops.
There is a very helpful exe in the install if you go to your install folder there is a folder called uninstall within in this folder there is an application called KillJRun.exe which I guess is run when you uninstall CF and it makes sure all JRun Instances have been stopped so it can remove the files.
So I now have a CFRestart Batch file that calls this, and then start the service again, which is much faster then it was in the past when I had to manually kill JRun in task manager.
Hope fully this will help someone.
My full batch file is:

net start "Macromedia JRun CFusion Server"

4 Responses to JRun / ColdFusion not stopping for you?

  1. rad_g says:

    Or you can simply leave it for about couple of mins and let it finish what it’s doing 🙂 It will stop eventually. Just keep refreshing services list.

  2. Big Mad Kev says:

    Time is money Rad 🙂

    But we’ve left it for over 5 minutes, the laptops we have aren’t the best 😉

  3. prb says:

    I’ve seen this a lot. It’s almost always been a certain port # that is being blocked (can’t remember which) that CF needs to shutdown – its a high #. ColdFusion itself isn’t the service – what you see in the service manager is a little stub that gets everything going. It signals CF to stop, and if it can’t, it eventually just times out and JRun.exe just keeps running. Once we shut down our local firewall everything worked, so in most cases we just needed to open a certain port FOR LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY and it worked – that way you don’t leave it open for all the haX0rs in the world….

  4. You can force the jrun task to end using the following too. Avoids having to hard code the path to the KillJrun.exe

    taskkill /im jrun.exe /F
    NET START “ColdFusion 9 Application Server”

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