Like many other ColdFusion developers today, I too will say how I got started with ColdFusion.

Well I left high school in the summer of 1996 and went straight into a local training college and got my NVQ in Using Information Technology Level 2 which is the same as GCSEs grades A*-C and I got this before the end of summer. So the next thing was to put me into a work placement so I could be the first of the training college to do NVQ Use and Support of IT Level 3. I have to say it wasn’t a very good training college very basic and I ended up teaching the teaching staff a lot of things. I also had to do an upgrade of Windows 95 to the win 3.1 machines which weren’t networked and didn’t have cd drivers so I had to upgrade over 20 machines with the 13 floppy disks which was fun 🙂

So now on to my work placement, it was for a small training company that taught MS office to large companies and also outsourced their trainers to the large training companies, I started off doing some account stuff and also writing a manual on how to use MS Access. Here I also had to build multi boot machines for the training they did in house. The machines had to boot Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.51 and Windows NT 4 when it was released all with the same install of MS Office 4 again all on Floppy. 

After sometime I was asked to build a website on what was a cutting edge service from Frontier Internet called ISDN dial back, which when someone requested your domain, the service opened a connection to your server by dialling your ISDN line so you could serve the page and it could get very expensive. 

At the time there was no IIS and at the time I didn’t know about Apache, my boss bought O’reilly WebSite Pro and this came with Cold Fusion 2.0 (wasn’t called ColdFusion until version 4) and this was in 1996. At the time it wasn’t called CFML it was known as DBML DataBase Markup Language and indeed tags where DBOUTPUT and DBQUERY. As it was all CGI you have funky urls like dbml.cgi?template=path/to/file.dbml it wasn’t until 3 or maybe 3.1 when we got ASAPI and you could have nicer path/to/file.dbml 

So 15 years later I’m still coding ColdFusion and loving every minute of it.


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