Andy Allan (SCFUG Co Manager)is in London once again on Tuesday 3rd April so once again another informal drinks session, No Presentations just Drinks and Shop Talk. Bring a friend or friends nothing official just another chance to put faces to the names.

The last time we all had some fun 🙂

LOCATION: The Reef Bar, Waterloo Station, York Road, London, SE1 7ND 0DR
TIME: 18:30
DATE: Tuesday 3rd April 2007

Leave a Comment if you’ll be coming


9 Responses to cf_drinks location=”London” date=”Tuesday 3rd April 2007″

  1. Andy Allan says:

    I should maybe give a presentation one of these days 😉

  2. Nick Tong says:

    I hope to make this one

  3. Tero Pikala says:

    And where were you? 🙂 Anyway, see you at SOTR-07 at least

    Let’s skip that bar next time, we can do better than that…

  4. Big Mad Kev says:

    Sorry Pal, I’ve got the lurgey, and I aplogise if it was a lame bar, Mark & myself have been trying to keep the venues close to major Under/over Ground Stations.

    Feel free to suggest places, I think places like Weatherspoons with no music seem to be good as your able to chat more 🙂

  5. Tero Pikala says:

    How about this one:

    It’s pretty close to London Bridge and from Bank you’ll just need to walk over the Southwark Bridge. There’s usually couple of tables available at the smaller rooms, usually we’ve had no problems finding a table for even 8 of us.

  6. Michael Wright says:

    I thought the wetherspoons we were in for the previous CF_Drinks was good, can’t comment on the last one though as I couldn’t make it down. Looking forward to seeing you all at scotch though.

  7. Big Mad Kev says:

    I think the key is weatherspoons as you get no music and its easier to talk 🙂

  8. Nick Tong says:

    I don’t know this one but don’t weatherspoons tend to be a bit grotty?

  9. Big Mad Kev says:

    The ones up in town are ok, I guess the smaller towns tend to get all the alchy’s for the cheap drink 🙂

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