From the FAQ & HomePage:
What is it?
Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”

Well I think it started out really being a Micro Blogging service, for quick updates of What you are doing; but now I really do think it’s more.

With all the clients out there, my preference is TweetDeck, namely because it works well on the Mac being an AIR Application. Oh and the fact I know the sole developer quite well and helped to promote it out there ;)

One of the really cool features is to have a column for searches, which I have one setup that shows all tweets that contain, “ColdFusion or Cold Fusion or Railo or BlueDragon or Blue Dragon” which is quite cool, as I get to see tweets from people I don’t even follow that contain any of those combination of words.

A couple of weekends ago I see a message from someone asking for help on a weird question, which I googled and didn’t find much info for. So I guessed he was a little stuck, so I tried to help him out by asking for his log files to review. These where rather large so I asked him to stop his CF Services Archive his log files and restart and bang with the clean log files the guy was able to find his issue. All sorted so what is twitter? I say yes it’s micro blogging but also a great support network. Send out one message and you will get a few responses and I don’t know if it’s just another channel for the CF Community to help each other or what but it does seem to work.

In addition, it’s also a good way to do some quick research or get people to sign up to private betas as this does seem to be happening a lot of late.

Oh and in helping out a fellow CF Developer I received a nice present from my wish list in the post. Which I’m very thankful for and shows helping people in the community does have its rewards how ever small, but always appreciated.


2 Responses to What really is twitter? Micro Blogging / Support Network / Spammers Paradise?

  1. John Gag says:

    TweetDeck looks pretty cool. Gonna check it out.

  2. I tried TweetDeck, but found the interface a bit cluttered for me, so I’m now using Twitteriffic (, which I much prefer.

    I do miss the search facility you mentioned – I also had a search for ColdFusion et al open all the time, just in case. Maybe I’ll suggest that feature to the developers of Twitteriffic.

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