I am currently sitting in the Airport Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5 waiting for my final flight home to Leeds. Having started my trip almost 7 days ago to the hour, The first annual Adobe ColdFusion Summit was a real blast and really did have the Adobe Max vibe as already mentioned by Jason Dean.

Having arrive late Wednesday night I headed out for a quick bite to eat before hitting the sack as I had been up 24 hours at that point, so I didn’t manage to see any of the gang until breakfast on Thursday morning. (I tried to be clever and set the time on my phone, turns out I was an hour out and so was at registration at 6am instead of 7am whoops, better early then late)

Breakfast had the main ingredients for any Developer worth their sole, Bacon and Eggs with Pastries and muffins 🙂 Followed by a meeting of great minds, Ray Camden, Scott Stroz, Jason Dean, Dave Ferguson, Carol Hamilton, Simon Free and a couple of people I can’t remember. This really started off the conference in style for me some old and new community faces.

The Key note session was opened by the one and only Ben Forta and the message was that CF is the living dead as it’s been “dead” since 2002 which is over half it’s living life.

After the key note I caught the session Language Enhancements in ColdFusion Splendor which was quite good to refresh my mind on the enhancements coming, I also worked on sorting some aspects of my presentation for the following day.

I followed this with Java Integration and this just reconfirmed my thoughts on all the enhancements in CF10 (Something we’ve not yet moved to at work) and also some additional thoughts.

LUNCH! – Awesome enough said

After lunch I watched “Uncle Charlie” What’s New and Different About CF 10 on Tomcat and this gave some real good types on where things I knew the location of under JRUN have been moved to or indeed depurated as well as anything new which was added.

Following this session nothing really tickled my fancy and I needed to catch up with Carol Hamilton about our session first thing on Friday morning, so we did a quick run through and sorted her machine out ready for the presentation (Would of been unfair for a NON mac user to present on a MAC or even WINDOWS on a mac)

For some reason my mind goes blank as to the session I went to at this point

We then had the after event drinks and the bof – had to dive our early to have dinner with my sister but it was all good.

Friday was a manic day for me, breakfast wasn’t as good as the day before,but hey the Keynote set the tone for security in general (Didn’t touch on CF but that’s all good)

Straight after the Keynote I was giving my join presentation on ColdFusion Builder – Tips and Tricks with Carol Hamilton. We had a few glitches but we got over them very quickly. The session seemed to go really well.

I missed the next session to continue prep for my after lunch session,

LUNCH! – Was as awesome cold meat sandwiches and run out of soda 🙁 – Chef on strike?

My session I had about 60 people in this session, and I had prepped enough for it and having taken my team through my first draft on Tuesday before I set out, they gave some real good honest feedback and on the flight over I re-wrote it and re prepared my live coding demo.

I learnt a lot from doing this, I hate people live coding so I used aText on the mac to automate the typing and as it was typing I would explain what was going on. I did lose track and my notes didn’t help – Lesson learnt if I do this again, I will also put the code snippet that the shortcut will generate so that I know what is about to happen.

In all seemed to go well, I promoted some of the other ColdFusion conferences as it seemed to be that a lot of attendees this was their first ColdFusion conference and they may not of heard of the others so it’s all good to cross pollenate.

At this point my brain was fried and I took the rest of the afternoon to chat to the CF Engineering team and some of the other guys around all good general chat.

Finally we had the closing remarks session giving thanks to everyone that helped.

It really was a great conference their were come niggles but for the first one ever this were all minor.

Here’s to ColdFusion Summit 2014

Having had a good few chats with people it’s reinvigorated my want to push more helpful articles on my blog and so this should be the start of this.

Once I’ve grabbed another drink I will start to plan the items I want to cover and then start the series here 🙂



3 Responses to Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2013

  1. Carol Hamilton says:

    You failed to mention, lunch was done Diva style but not my the only female in the group (myself) but the wonderful Scott!!

    Diva-licous Lunch!!

    Thanks for the wonderful memories!! Can’t wait to check up on you soon.

  2. Don’t forget the most important part of the conference “ MONSTER MUNCH!”

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