Last week I made a flippant comment regarding the noose that TeraTech have round the fusebox framework. Regarding boycotting CFUnited, this was a jokey comment and as someone who has helped run a conference it’s hard enough to run a conference without the community backlash (Which to be fair I have had my fair share, if only people really knew how much hard work and personal time and money goes into putting on a conference) 
There is no way I condone the mass boycott of a conference, as this will only damage the community on a whole.  2010 will be a great year for conferences for the ColdFusion Community.
With the following events happing all over the world, the community is well catered for in respects of conferences. 

[If I have missed anyone please use my contact form and I will add to this list]
With everything that happened towards the end of last year, I haven’t applied to speak at any of these events, but if there are any slots and I get asked I’d certainly be up for speaking at them 😉 hint hint!
To this end, I’ll also mention that I won’t be helping with Scotch on the Rocks this year for the first time in 3 years, will be nice to enjoy and learn (oh and complain 😉 ) with everyone else.


5 Responses to 2010 – The Year of the ColdFusion Conference

  1. Mark Mandel says:

    Don’t forget cf.Objetive(ANZ) which will be run in November this year!

  2. Big Mad Kev says:

    @Mark and your wish is my command 😉

  3. I haven’t set an exact date for RIA Unleashed in Boston this year but I expect it will be in November again as well. The site is though it still lists the information for last year (guess I should update that ;).

  4. Big Mad Kev says:

    @Brian again your wish is also my command 😉

  5. Jason Blum says:, the first conference focused exclusively on Free and Open Source CFML: February 21-23, 2011, in Garland, Texas.

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